Salematics Platform Overview

Briefly about the platform #

We have been improving the platform for ten years. During this time, our team created three versions of the product. The first one regulated advertising in our own applications and sites. Then we started buying traffic from publishers and selling it to direct advertisers, using the second version. The third one is the end product: a tool for solving a set of tasks for the management of advertising.

Salematics will be useful if you are an advertiser and want to create your own affiliate program for product distribution.

If you are an advertising agency, Salematics will solve the issues of managing your clients’ advertising campaigns and interacting with sites for their placement.

If you are developing an ad network, Salematics will give you access to unlimited traffic sources and ad campaigns. Integrate with hundreds of DSP and SSP networks. It will become easy and understandable to work with RTB partners.

Let’s look at the components of the Salematics platform. We will tell you about the main sections, show the functionality, and give examples of its use.

Section Employees #

It’s great when you can manage alone and, like the multi-handed Shiva, keeps everything under control. But reality does not correspond to Hindu mythology. You will have to delegate processes and assign responsibilities to employees.

Salematics Platform Overview
Employees section

We prepared roles for your company’s staff, who will interact with the platform.

Let’s create an employee profile in Salematics to learn more about this functionality.

Click the Create – Employee button.

Salematics Platform Overview
Creation of an employee

The following roles are available on the platform:

  • Affiliate manager is the head of the back office. The Executive Director solves the issues of team interaction, forms tasks, and monitors their implementation.
  • Account manager is an employee of the Sales and Support Department for publishers. He helps them, monitors the quality of traffic, and attracts new partners.
  • Offer manager is an employee of the Sales and Support Department for advertisers. The manager is responsible for attracting new advertisers, optimizing campaigns, and invoicing.
  • PR manager is an External Relations Officer who develops and implements the project’s marketing strategy. The PR manager is looking for advertisers and publishers for further cooperation and evaluates the channels for attracting new customers.
Salematics Platform Overview
Role selection

Employee status can be active or blocked. A change of the status comes in handy when one of your employees quits. You can quickly block the account of this user, thereby protecting company data from unauthorized access.

Salematics Platform Overview
Status selection

Each employee of the company has access to only one affiliate program. If you want to work with more than one project, activate the Multi-branding plan. It will allow you to manage multiple affiliate programs from one account.

Salematics Platform Overview
Access to affiliate programs

The employee profile has a connection with his Trello account. You don’t need to generate orders for each employee manually, because most of the tasks can be automated. For example, if the publisher stops sending traffic, you can automatically create a task for employees to contact him for resolving the issue. The task will appear on a board in Trello. The assigned employee will receive a notification, and the manager will monitor the speed of task completion.

Salematics Platform Overview
Trello notifications

You can combine team roles in your administrator account, delegate them among company employees, and make sure that their actions do not go beyond the duties. This automation frees up your time for more complex tasks.

When you enter the required information, click the Create a profile of an employee button. The platform will save this account.

Salematics Platform Overview
Employee profile

Section Advertisers #

Advertisers are the main clients for the affiliate program. Commercial success depends on the quality of working with them. Therefore, we combined the accumulated experience and knowledge to create a functionality that will fully cover the work of the advertiser.

Salematics Platform Overview
Section Advertisers

Let’s consider the advantages of an advertiser on our platform, using the example of the account creation. To do this, click on the Create – Advertiser button.

Salematics Platform Overview
Advertiser account creation

Each advertiser has a status and access level.

You can set one of three statuses. Our platform has Active status by default. It gives the advertiser full access to all the platform features. To block an advertiser and disable all of his campaigns, select the status Blocked. You can select it when you have stopped working with a partner. The Registered status is the most suitable option for the advertiser with the SELF-SERVICE level. With its help, the advertiser can independently register on the platform. However, his access will be limited until he passes a manual check by your manager.

Salematics Platform Overview
Advertiser status selection

Salematics also contains two access levels:

    The personal dashboard is open to the advertiser for learning about statistics.
    The advertiser cannot log in to the personal account.

An access level is obligatory for campaign management. If your manager creates, optimizes, and monitors the effectiveness of advertiser campaigns independently, use the MANAGED access level. If the advertiser wants to take charge of the creation and optimization of campaigns, or get access to their statistics, use the SELF-SERVICE level.

Salematics Platform Overview
Select advertiser access level

The Affiliate Program field will benefit if you use the Multi-Branding plan. You will be able to assign an advertiser to one of the affiliate programs.

Salematics Platform Overview
Choosing an affiliate program for advertiser

Geo allows you to get information on the advertiser’s country of origin and understand what language to use for client support. This will come in handy if the responsible manager changes.

Salematics Platform Overview
Advertiser Geo selection

You often will have to face a situation where the expected income will be different from the real one. This happens for some reasons: from the advertiser’s inability to correctly process target actions to the advertiser’s deliberate statistical changes in his favor. In this case, the Insurance Rate field will be useful to you. It will allow you to adjust the difference in income reported by the advertiser and the actual payments for the services provided.

Salematics Platform Overview
Insurance Rate for advertiser

The following settings are responsible for the frequency and period of payments:

  • Net is the frequency of payments from the advertiser. For example, if he pays once a week, specify 7 in the field, if twice a month — 15, once a month — 30, and so on. In the case of prepaid work, leave the column blank, and tick the Prepay box. We will talk about this option later.
  • Hold is the period for which the amount of payment from the advertiser is reserved. For example, if the advertiser hold is thirty days, the numeric value 30 is entered in the corresponding line. If there is a prepaid payment, the situation will be similar to Net.
  • Prepay is an amount that the advertiser pays ahead, before receiving traffic.
Salematics Platform Overview
Advertiser Payments

It’s good when an advertiser works with you on a deposit. But what to do if he pays only after the fact? In the column Credit limit, you can set this limit. Set up a credit allows you to specify a limit. If you choose Unlimited Credit, there will be no restrictions on the balance of the advertiser. No credit is used when the advertiser makes a deposit to the account. It is a popular choice for self-service advertisers.

Salematics Platform Overview
Advertiser credit limit

A field Access to the dashboard of the advertiser locates in the Questionnaire block. Place here a link to the advertising dashboard, login or email address, and password. This information will come in handy in case of an emergency, and another manager will be able to log in to the advertiser dashboard, make changes, and see the necessary information.

Salematics Platform Overview
Advertiser questionnaire

If the advertiser you work with does not have a personal dashboard, suggest him to use our system to manage traffic and track target actions. You will not only help your partner but also receive a nice bonus from us.

Enter the necessary information about the advertiser and click the Save button. An advertiser account will appear on the platform.

Salematics Platform Overview
Advertiser Profile

Section Offers #

Offers is the section for adding offers to the system. By default, the list of them is not displayed in the publisher dashboard but you can add offers via our support team. Some clients prefer to show them in the publisher dashboard. Others only allow creating advertising tags without the possibility of setting up offers lists, for example, Smartlink. You can choose any option that suits you. Our platform supports both of them.

Salematics provides a warm-up offer. This is a special type of offer that we show for all new publisher accounts. Its use prevents a situation when new webmasters uncontrollably give low-quality traffic to your advertisers, which, accordingly, leads to complaints. You can evaluate the quality of traffic for all new publishers, using the warm-up offer.

Section Campaigns #

Let’s move on to setting up advertising campaigns after creating the offer.

Sometimes offers include several campaigns. For example, the Opera browser may have an advertising campaign targeting only Tier 1 countries or a campaign only on mobile devices, but targeting Russia.

Salematics Platform Overview
Section Campaigns

To create a campaign, click the CreateCampaign button.

Salematics Platform Overview
Campaign creation

Targeting with 40+ filters is available. The advantage of our platform is targeting specific applications, domains, and keywords.

Salematics Platform Overview
Targeting and filters for traffic sources

Salematics allows you to work with four payment strategies: CPA, CPM, CPC, and RTB. We have developed an auction algorithm that takes into account the specificities of each strategy and selects a campaign that is suitable for each user.

Salematics Platform Overview
Campaign payment strategies

Most advertisers are interested in receiving quality traffic. For them, we have created additional types of filters for traffic sources. Traffic is as much as possible cleaned of bots, untargeted traffic, and customers with low ROI. Read more about the filters in our training materials, which will be available after purchasing the product.

Salematics Platform Overview
Filters for traffic sources

We taught the platform to automatically purchase traffic on SSP and filter effective traffic sources according to the rules configured in the advertising campaign. Campaigns have more than ten metrics for setting automatic rules. For example, you can specify the number of clicks, conversions, ROI, and CTR. Traffic sources will be added to black or white lists by these parameters. The functionality will be extremely useful for teams of media buyers who monitor the quality of traffic manually. The platform uses an easy-to-learn but effective system of rules to simplify this process.

Salematics Platform Overview
Work with rules and SSP in campaigns

Salematics checks advertising campaigns for a number of basic conditions, such as the exhausted budget, addition of promotional materials to browsers blacklists, and others. If one of the events occurs, you will receive a notification. Notifications will be available both in your Salematics account and in your chosen messenger app. You will not miss a single event that inhibits sales growth.

What do you get by purchasing Salematics? #

  1. Salematics is a tool for direct advertisers, advertising agencies, and networks. It’s easy to regulate tasks arising in the management of digital advertising, using the platform.
  2. Thanks to the Employee section, you can create profiles of your company’s workers, distribute and delegate tasks among them, monitor the progress, and restrict access to the platform.
  3. The Advertisers section allows you to create advertiser accounts with different access levels. The leader can plan and manage financial revenues from partners and monitor employee productivity.
  4. Offers section helps to organize your own showcase of offers. You can make it available for publishers or allow them to create advertising tags with the prohibition of the selection of specific offers. Our ad selection algorithm will handle it without the participation of publishers.
  5. Launch Campaigns for each offer. Their number does not matter. Show your campaign on specific applications, domains, or keywords, using flexible targeting settings. Automatic traffic optimization rules help you control quality in real-time.